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Exhibits For ARIPEX 2017

ARIPEX 2017 is an American Philatelic Society World Series of Philately (WSP) show.  As such the exhibit that wins the ARIPEX 2017 Grand Award (best in show)  will be invited to compete for the coveted Champion Of Champions award (best in the United States)  at the APS national show in August 2017. StampShow 2017 location TBD .  In that competition the Grand Award winners from a total of 31 WSP shows will compete to win the coveted multi-frame Champion Of Champions title and trophy.  The winner of the ARIPEX 2017 Single Frame Grand Award will be invited to compete in the Single Frame Champion of Champions at the APS AmeriStamp Expo in 2018. As soon as APS provides the venue location for AmeriStamp Expo, we will update this information for you.

A limited number of tickets for the ARIPEX 2017 Palmares Banquet are now available for $ 54/pp. purchased and paid for in full prior to Wednesday, February 15, 2017. Further details of the menu selection and Awards Banquet location for  the Aripex 2017 Awards Show Banquet can be found under the “Events” tab then under the second option”Show Banquet” tab. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our Exhibits Chairman, Mr.  Frank Sente at sente2@earthlink.net . Banquet tickets after Wednesday, February 15, 2017, may be available at the show for $ 75/pp, SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY,  from the ARIPEX reception/registration desk located in the entrance foyer area of the Mesa Convention Center. We anticipate a sold out show banquet again this year, so please reserve you banquet tickets early at our advance purchase price of $ 54/pp. These are available at this advance purchase discount price up to Wednesday, February 15, 2017 only if paid in full by this deadline date.

Application for the Official Exhibit Entry From and the Exhibitor Prospectus for Exhibiting for Aripex 2017 can be obtained by clicking on the link directly below. Then click on the link a second time to reveal the forms that can be printed out.





ARIPEX 2016 Exhibit List For Website-4


Please click on the Aripex 2016 Palmares link below to view the list

ARIPEX 2016 Palmares

                                          BELOW IS A CHART OF THE EXHIBITS FOR ARIPEX  2015:


Below is a list of the exhibits which competed at ARIPEX 2014.


Frame #Exhibit TitleExhibitor
1-5The Meched (Persia) 1902 Provisional Issue (Court of Honor)K. Joe Youssefi
6-13Classic Persia up to UPU EraK. Joe Youssefi
14-18The First Postage Dues of Hungary, 1903-1922Lyman R. Caswell
19-28Hungary: The Hyperinflation 1945-1946Robert Morgan
29-33British India Queen Victoria Postal StationarySandeep Jaiswal
34-35Queen Victoria's Jubilee Issues of British GuianaJohn Wynns
36Peru's 12 Centavos Issue of 1905John Wynns
37-44Scouting on Stamps "Classics"Frederick P. Lawrence, Ph.D.
45-49Ryukyu IslandsGeoffrey Brewster
50-54Hawaii: The 1859-1862 2 Cent Black Numberal (Non-Competitive)Geoffrey Brewster
55-60Canal Zone Postal Rates 1928-1958Dickson Preston
61Canal Zone: The 1926 Sesquicentennial IssueJohn Wynns
62Guam: America's Gibralter in the PacificWilliam Woytowich
63-72The 1964 New York World's Fair Commemoratives & their First Day CoversRonald J. Klimley
73-82Luck-Of-The-Draw: Legends of the West, the Errors, Revisions & LotteryGregg Hopkins
83-87The 1962 Seattle World's Fair CommemorativeRonald J. Klimley
88-90The National Theatre: Costa Rica's Architectural GemRonald W. Yankowski
91-100The 3 Cent 1936 Oregon Territory IssueRalph Nafziger
101-105The Extraordinary Covers of Ejgil J. S. HalvorsenBob Lewin
106Postcards from Alasks 1904-1910 (My search for "Ruby")Bill Trower
107-108Flying Machines & Communications (Youth Exhibit)Ian Gazdacko
109-118Philatelic Truck Souvenir Sheet & CachetGregg Hopkins
119-122Alaskan Emergency Air Mail Flights 1933-1948William Woytowich
123Processing Graf Zeppelin and Hindenburg Passenger MailDickson Preston
124Short-Paid Transatlantic Zeppelin MailDickson Preston
125Flown Mail on U.S.S. ShenandoahAllen Klein
126Cherry Red Airline: An Aerial Lifeline for the Communities of Early Northern Saskatchewan (Non-Competitive)Thomas Reyman
127-136Remember the U.S.S. MaconAllen Klein
137-139Kamikazes Versus CarriersDavid & Laurie Bernstein
140-144A Study of S & H Green Stamps - Their Saver Booklets & Folders (1900-1970)Ronald Essig
145-154Pan American's Pacific Clippers 1935-1941Stephen Tucker
155A Postal History of German Battleship BismarckDavid & Laurie Bernstein
156-161Allied Military Government (AMG)Geoffrey Brewster
162American Consulate Officers Help A Stamp Collecting CitizenK. David Steidley, Ph.D.
163Dead Letter Office Envelopes and RatesPatrick Spencer
164The Workhorse of the US 1898 Battleship RevenuesFrank K. Sente
165Solo Usages of Canada's One Cent Small Queen Stamp: 1870-1897Allison Cusick
166Isle Madame: A Commercial Center of the Maritime Provinces (Non-Competitive)Thomas Reyman
167$2 Inverted Jenny (Non-Competitive)Gregg Hopkins
168-170Tudor Hall Va. - Story of a Confederate Post Office (Non-Competitive)Stefan T. Jaronski



Below is a list of the exhibits which competed at ARIPEX 2013.


ARIPEX April 19-21, 2013
FramesExhibit TitleExhibitor
1-5Maryland: State & Local RevenuesRon Lesher
6-12US Playing Cards Tax Stamps-The Bureau IssuesMartin Richardson
13-18Alabama State Revenue StampsJohn Bowman
19-24Legal and Illegal Uses of Proprietary, Playing Cards, and Private-DieMichael Mahler
Stamps of the Civil War Era
25The CB&O FindMichael Mahler
26-35Stamp Taxes in Nevada 1863-1872Michael Mahler
36I.R." Overprinted 1898 1¢ Franklin Postage StampsLen McMaster
37-41California Agricultrual ProrationKenneth Pruess
42-51Spanish American War Fiscal History: The US Documentary Taxes 1898-1902Frank Sente
52The Saint Louis Provisionals 1898Hermann Ivester
532¢ "Liberty Head" US Revenue Tax Stamp, 1875-1883John Bowman
55-59Revenue Stamped Paper of the Spanish American War Tax EraRobert Hohertz
60-63Prostitute Revenues of Rosario De Sante FeBenedict A. Termini, MD
64-66Republic of San Marino, Stamps for Collecting RevenueJoe Ross
67Philippine First Revenue IssueDouglas K. Lehmann
68Switzerland: Revenue Stamps of the Canton of GraubundenDonn Lueck
69United States License and Royalty StampsEric Jackson
70A Study of the "Foreign Warships" Covers of John N. LawrenceLaurie Bernstein
71A Falling Out Between Allies, the Battle of Meirs-el-KebirDavid Bernstein
72Alaska Emergency Airmail FlightsWilliam Woytowich
73-82Zeppelin South American Flights , 1930-1937James W. Graue
83-89Air Crash Covers of Pan American World AirwaysKendall C. Sanford
90Early Airmail Covers of CanadaThomas Reyman
91-95Wartime Trans-Pacific Airmail RoutesWilliam Fort
96-102Foreign Air Mail Route 14: 1935-1941William Drummond
103-105The 6-Cent Airmail Transport Stamp Goes to WarMillard Mack
106SCADTA Airmail Stamps for SCADTA Airmail Service in EcuadorAlfredo Frohlich
107Why Was There a 1 1/2¢ Prexie?Robert Hohertz
108Cherry Red Airline Company of CanadaThomas Reyman
109-118Early US Commercial Air MailJay Stotts
119-125The Magnificent Covers of Ejgil J. S. HalvorsenBob Lewin
126British Guiana: The 1899 TWO CENT Surcharge IssueJohn Wynns
127-136Trans-Atlantic Airmail Services, 1928-1945David Crotty
137-141Revolutionary Martyrs of the KuomingtangRobert T. Burney
142-144Mozambique Company Issues of 1918-1936Lester J. Wadsworth
145-155United States PossessionsGeoffrey Brewster
156-162The Liberian Conspiracy: The "Flimflam" that Changed Stamp CollectingWilliam Woytowich
163-170Scouting on Stamps "Classics"Frederick P. Lawrence, PhD
171-180Uses of the 1¢ Franklin, Series of 1902K. David Steidley, PhD
181-190LUCK-OF-THE-DRAW, Legends of the West, the Errors, Revisions & LotteryGregg A. Hopkins, Sr.
191-198United States of Colombia 1868-1881Alfredo Frohlich
199-208The 1964 New York World's Fair Commemoratives and their First Day CoversRonald J. Klimley
209-213The Meched (Persia) 1902 Provisional IssueK. Joe Youssefi
214Rev. L. L. Langstroth: Father of American Bee-keepingKenneth Pruess
2151931-32 U.S. - Canada Cross-Border Rate chaos as demonstrated by theMarjory J. Sente
Washington Bicentennial Commemoratives
216The Static Mail Boxes of NicaraguaWilliam G. Byerley
217-220The 80¢ Diamond Head Stamp of 1952John Krupnick
221Gods and Godesses on StampsAsher Kaye
222-226All in the FamilyRosalie Bock
SpecialThe American Revenue (Non-comp 1 frame exhibit)






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