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Show Committee

The 2018 Show Committee Chairman Are:


Show Chairman

Mr. Kevin A. Lesk

P. O. Box 15037

Phoenix, AZ. 85060

Kevin’s Tel: 480.240.0388

Email: kwkual@aol.com



Bourse Chairman

Dr. Robert S. Freeman

960 North Gilbert, #120
Gilbert, AZ 85234
Bob’s Tel: 602-571-0264
Email: kwkual@aol.com


Awards Chairman

Mr. Michael Johnson

7121 West Getty Drive

Phoenix, AZ 85043


Email: hikermichaeljj@yahoo.com


Exhibits Chairman and Jury Coordinator

Frank Sente

873 S. Lakeview Drive
Prescott, Arizona 86301-6629

814-404-4638 (Cellular)

Special Events


Mesa Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

Scouting And Youth Center

Marsha Condit

Tel: (480) 890-9242
Email: mhcparapro@cox.net

Sue Sisson

Tel: 520-623-6652

Lee Shedroff  (For All Scouting Inquiries And Plans)

Tel: 623-670-3726
Email: LShedroff@aol.com


Exhibit Layout Coordinator

Dexter Mattoon

Tel: (602) 331-7260
Email: DexterMattoon@hotmail.com


Facility, Hotel and Equipment Coordinator

Functions and Events Coordinator


Show Program

Hans Moesbergen

Email: hans@moesbergen.net

 Cachet, Show Covers, and Memorabilia

Mr. Kevin A. Lesk

P. O. Box 15037

Phoenix, AZ. 85060

Email: kwkual@aol.com

Volunteer Chairman

Mr. Kevin A. Lesk:

E-mail: kwkual@aol.com